Yamini walked confidently with vision restored

India marriages among relatives are something that is prevalent even today. Many of them try to ignore the fact that their future children will be affected by the outcome of their marriages. One such case that we came across was of a cute little girl by the name of Yamini. She is the second child of Simhachalam and Ramanamma who came from Rajahmundry and their earnings depend on their masonry works. Yamini’s childhood was not a happy one as she suffered from vision problems as a result of a consanguineous marriage.

Yamini’s parents noticed that their daughter was walking slowly but had no idea about the reason behind it unless her teacher told them that she was suffering from vision problem.

Following the teacher’s advice, they took Yamini to a corporate eye hospital where they were asked to pay Rs. 60,000/- for eye surgery. Hearing the amount that would cost for the surgery Yamini’s parents became depressed thinking that it was an impossible task for them to arrange such a huge amount. Seeing all this a kind-hearted person referred them to Sankar Foundation Institute in Visakhapatnam. They brought Yamini to the institute where all the required tests were performed for free and were diagnosed with a cataract in both the eyes. We advised cataract surgery with an IOL implant in the right eye first and then the other eye after a month.

We performed the operation completely free under the YSR Aarogyasri scheme. After the successful operation, their daughter started to identify objects and was confident in walking. Seeing this her parents were happy and relieved. They thanked the teacher for identifying her problem and Sankar Foundation for providing services and treatment. We were able to explain to them the outcome of consanguineous marriages and asked them to educate others about it.