Community Outreach Project in Association with Brandix Bharat Trust

As part of the community engagement activity under Corporate Social Responsibility, Sankar Foundation has been conducting Comprehensive Eye Screening Programme in association with Brandix Bharat Trust for the past 4 years.

The outreach team comprising an ophthalmologist, optometrist, paramedical and optical dispensing team conducts eye screening activity at Health Centre, Brandix Apparel Park, Atchutapuram on every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. 

So far, Sankar Foundation has conducted 55 eye screening camps, screened more than 45000 outpatients, performed 7200 eye surgeries and dispensed 14000 spectacles to the patients with the support of Brandix Bharat Trust.

Campsite Photos

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Impact Stories

D. Parvathamma aged 76 years (MR No: 357347) hails from Munagapaka village in Visakhapatnam district. She was widowed at a young age. Since then her life has been of constant struggle which she faced with courage. Of her 3 sons, who were all alcoholics, she lost two of them to the vice. She brought up her two granddaughters, who left the house when they turned teenagers.  Parvathamma supports her youngest who stays with her son from her meagre pension doing all the housework. However, loss of vision robbed her of her independent living. She fell down several times due to the condition injuring herself. Camp at Brandix brought hope. Detected with cataract she was operated on left eye at Sankar Foundation. Her vision was restored, Parvathamma was all smiles before the discharge and thanked Brandix and Sankar Foundation for infusing her confidence by restoring her vision.
D. Parvathamma
MR No: 357347

Community Outreach Door to Door Eye screening programme in association with SALPG and Coromandel Fertilisers Ltd.

Sankar Foundation as part of eliminating avoidable blindness has conducted door-to-door eye screening in 7 surrounding villages of Coromandal Fertilizers, Visakhapatnam.

Sankar Foundation has also conducted similar programme in association with South Asia LPG in Malkaparuam, Yarada villages.

As part of the programme, a team lead by an ophthalmologist conducted comprehensive eye screening for all individuals in households.  The individuals identified with refractive problems were dispensed with free spectacles.  In cases where they required, medication was prescribed for seasonal eye problems; patients identified for further medical or surgical intervention were brought to the main hospital for treatment. The programme was successful.  Plans are afoot for a few such projects in the coming days.

Schools Eye Screening Programme

Sankar Foundation conducted School Eye Screening Programme in association with L & T in ZP High School, Nadupuru, Visakhapatnam in October 2022.  Students above 5 years were screened as part of the project for spectacle correction.

Free spectacles as per the students’ choice of frames were issued to the children with the support of L & T.  Earlier the hospital has conducted such projects in various schools in and around Visakhapatnam areas under CSR activities of Corporate Companies.

Dr YSR Kantivelugu Programme

Sankar Foundation is one of the active participants in the prestigious programme of Dr YSR Kantivelugu by Andhra Pradesh State Government. 

Sankar Foundation assigned 5 teams each in three districts of North Coastal Andhra Pradesh in Phase I and Phase II of this programme for screening school children for various eye problems. 

Sankar Foundation also conducted surgeries for children referred from Phase II of this programme. In Phase III (Avva-Tata) of Dr YSR Kantivelugum, Sankar Foundation was the leading eye hospital in North Coastal Andhra Pradesh by performing more than 10,000 eye surgeries in a span of 6 months. Sankar Foundation received the best NGO Merit Award from the District Collector, Visakhapatnam during the 75th Independence Day celebrations for this achievement.