Sight saved of siblings with hereditary eye problem

In this world every minute a child goes blind. We have over 3,00,000 children suffering from needless blindness in India. The above-mentioned figures reveal the magnitude of needless blindness among children envisaging loss to the nation. Let’s consider the number of blind years and the time their parents are attending to cure them.

Here we see yet another story of a vision impairment child named Charan Sai who is the first child of Mr. T.Rama Krishna and Mrs. Madhavi. Rama Krishna. Mr. T.Rama Krishna is a painter by profession and the money he earned was just sufficient to support the basic needs of his family.

This is the main reason they were putting a back step from giving the necessary treatment to their son. When Charan Sai was born, his parents saw a white spot in both his eyes, and was also suffering from Nystagmus.

Nystagmus is a condition where both eyes oscillate. The parents were tense and took the son to an eye hospital, where they were asked to pay over Rs. 25,000/- for the eye treatment. Rama Krishna explained to them that he could not afford so much and was feeling depressed seeing his son’s condition. The eye hospital has referred them to visit the Sankar Foundation where quality eye care will be provided for sure with less amount or free of cost depending upon the situation.

When Chanran Sai was bought and examined at our Institute, the doctors told the parents about the poor prognosis and immediate surgery was performed after getting approval from the Pediatric Ophthalmologist. Charan Sai was just 6 months old when he underwent this operation in 2013 under NTR Vaidya Seva Scheme.

He recovered and later after 2 years the parents had a second son Pardhu who was also suffering from the same problem. He also underwent surgeries in both the eyes at Sankar Foundation under the same scheme. After the operation, the parents were asked to get the children for an annual checkup, but they could not due to some problem.

Later the parents took the children to Brandix eye camp where both the children were tested and were immediately shifted to the base camp. After a complete investigation, Charan Sai was admitted for embolectomy along with Anti Vitrectomy that is to safeguard the present vision. The surgery was performed on 30th May 2019. Whereas the second child Pardhu was treated with glaucoma medication and kept under observation. Parents thanked for the treatment their children received from the experienced doctors.