Amrutha’s Joy on able to see her parents

Most of the underdeveloped communities in India are illiterate and lack of awareness about the importance of vision and poverty drives their children into suffering. Sankar foundation has come across a 4-year-old cute looking girl by the name K.Amrutha. She went through a rough life suffering and being humiliated by other kids of her age. This affected her confidence without her fault.

Amuratha comes from Ganjigadd a tribal village from Chintapalli Mandal which comes under Visakhapatnam district. Amrutha’s parents are daily laborers who could not even afford the transport cost to Visakhapatnam. 

She loved to go to school but she was ridiculed for being blind by other kids in the village that have restricted her to stay at home. Parents being lliterates were sad for their daughter and were waiting for a miracle to change their life.

When Sankar Foundation arranged a paediatric eye screening camp Amrutha’s parents got to hope for their child and took her to the camp where she was diagnosed with mature cataracts in both her eyes. We asked the parents to get the girl to the Institute for further tests, they hesitated at first thinking about the surgery costs and our team was able to convince them that made them travel along with 3 more similar children who were suffering from vision problems accompanied by their parents.

Amruth’s father was tensed about the surgery and the outcome of it. We were able to restore his confidence in us when he saw the joy in the eyes of his daughter when she first saw him. Both the parents had mixed reactions on their faces and thanked us for giving a future to their little girl who could go to school and live a better life. They went home with happiness and will be here again for the second eye surgery soon.